Readiness - Sharpening the Axe

FlexiBees now has a thriving community on multiple social platforms. Last week’s Live chat with our co-founder Deepa N Swamy, on one such platform, was all about Readiness to Return.
Many of you came with questions around those, around skilling in particular. So we thought it was worth diving deep into, to bring forth the different facets of Readiness to keep in mind before actively starting to look out.
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” - Abraham Lincoln
Readiness is like that - it is necessary preparation that can make the rest of the journey smoother. In fact, it can be the difference between succeeding or not in your returnship goals. So what is Readiness? We at FlexiBees from our experience now of speaking with thousands of women on their readiness journeys, can bucket it into three broad parts
Technical Readiness : which means all things that make you a better hire. And this does not mean only skilling, but the bits that enable you to skill better like thinking through your strengths and likes, scanning the environment for latest industry news, connecting with your peers and bosses to get their inputs in (and also to use these contacts later while actively looking for work), updating your resume and social media profile to ensure you project yourself in the best light - all of these are part of making you fighting fit to return
Family Support Readiness : the safety net, the backbone, the enabler, this factor is crucial to consider while making your returnship decision. It is also important to involve the family into your decision making to get their buy-in and also to get an early chance to address their concerns
Childcare Infrastructure Readiness : this factor is quite obvious, but what is important is that you need to think about this at the very beginning and tailor the kind of job you will be seeking depending on what your childcare options look like. There are many childcare options to choose from, as well as multiple work options like part-time, work-from-home etc to choose from, and we will help you navigate through these choices
I hope the above whetted your appetite for more. And we will give you more - information, resources, guidance on making choices - all of it over the next few weeks. To start with, we will address Technical Readiness - which in itself is a huge space. The business environment of today is extremely competitive, and is also changing pace quickly. In the last few years, new channels and routes have emerged for all forms of business due to the internet and digital revolutions. Companies are looking for the best talent, and if you bring that to the table, you increase your chances or getting hired manifold.
So join us on this journey and let us help you in creating a revolution of your own - that of being the kind of returning woman who outstrips every other ‘regular’ candidate in the room on technical suitability. Now that would be something, and that is what we will work towards helping you achieve. Watch this space.
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